What Makes Backpacking in France so Special

The impressive nation of France is an excellent place for backpackers to explore independently. People who enjoy backpacking will find that there are plenty of hostels and budget hotels scattered across the country that cater to their needs, and it is possible to survive on just a few Euros per day by choosing to buy freshly baked bread, cheese and other goodies each day from local bakeries and supermarkets rather than dining in style in restaurants and cafes.

Where you choose to visit in France during your backpacking adventure will depend largely on how much time you have to spend. People who only have a few days to spend exploring France may want to dedicate their entire trip to the capital city of Paris. This vibrant metropolis is the perfect place to explore on foot, and visitors should allow between one and three days to see all that Paris has to offer. Some of the highlights here include wandering along the Champs Elysses, taking a trip to the top of the Eiffel Tower, and exploring magnificent religious buildings such as the Sacre Couer and Notre Dame.

Backpackers who have a week in France can check out destinations such as Chatres and VersailBackpackers franceles after soaking up the sights and sounds of Paris. Both of these destinations can be reached in just a few hours from the heart of Paris and boast a wide range of must-see attractions. Wine lovers will also want to spend time exploring the enchanting Loire Valley and should try to find time to discover nearby areas such as Normandy and Alsace.

Taking two weeks to discover France allows time to check out the Alps, which is a great place to visit in the sunny summer months. Wandering through the valleys that can be found at the foot of the Alps is an absolutely enchanting experience, while ski lovers are drawn to this region of France in the winter.