The Best Way to Travel to Canada from France for Leisure

France and Canada have historical links and many French people take their vacations in this vast, fascinating and welcoming country. Many are drawn by Canada’s unrivalled natural beauty: forests, mountains and lakes, Canada has them all on a scale unimaginable to Europeans. Lovers of outdoor pursuits like hiking and skiing will find remarkable opportunities to pursue their passion. Attractive and cosmopolitan cities have plenty to offer visitors and the friendly nature of Canadians is reflected in the welcome extended to tourists. Flying is certainly the best option for travelling there and many airlines compete to offer great deals on flights between France and Canada.

shutterstock_53079Superb Winter Sports Opportunities

Canada has much to offer skiers: Reliable snowfall, true wilderness, spacious slopes, and lodgings with great customer service. Canada is renowned for powder skiing, all resorts have a marked out ski area patrolled and controlled are against avalanches. There are resorts across the country, like the famous Lake Louise, Alberta; Big White and Fernie British Columbia. Read more on . In terms of flight time, Vancouver the capital of British Colombia is about 10 hours from Paris and Edmonton in Alberta around 8 hours, both ideal to access the ski sites. Remember in 2016 to enter Canada by air, if you are not a national requires an eTA (Travel visa).

Ski Lodges: A True Canadian Welcome

One of the best things about skiing in Canada is the high quality and friendliness of the resort accommodation available. Being able to return to a comfortable, welcoming lodge with excellent customer service and well informed staff will make for ski trip that you will want to repeat again and again. In Fernie, the Park Place Lodge is a big, well equipped hotel with a fitness suite and swimming pool and has a direct bus to the slopes. Stonebridge Lodge in Big White has large, stylish apartments that come complete with hot tub! Meanwhile, the Fairmont Chateau in Lake Louise has spectacular views across the lake and mountains.