Some Great Restaurants to Check Out in Paris

The cosmopolitan city of Paris has long been one of the most popular destinations in Europe among food lovers. From chic cafes to charming bistros and up market restaurants, dining in Paris is a richly diverse experience and the foods in Paris cover popular dishes from all over France as well as the rest of Europe and beyond. Some of the most popular dishes that can be enjoyed here include mussels in white wine sauce served with crusty French bread and soft, creamy cheeses. Food lovers will also want to make sure they sample Paris’ excellent desserts such as fresh strawberry and lemon tarts and chocolate éclairs.

People who are looking for the best restaurants in Paris will soon discover that they are really spoiled for choices here. Diners who want to sample the cuisine at a classic French bistro should book a table at L’Avant Goût, which is situated in the Butte-aux-Cailles neighborhood. Among the classic dishes that can be enjoyed here are dishes served with sweet potatoes, fennel and spiced broth, scallops from with lime-coriander emulsion served with roasted sweet potatoe and mango tartes, and the early 20th century décor is simply stunning.

RechThe Champs-Elysées district is particularly popular with visitors to Paris, and there are plenty of excellent places to dine here. One restaurant that really stands out from the rest is Rech, which specializes in fresh seafood dishes.

La Stella is situated on the trendy Avenue Victor Hugo and is the p
erfect place to sample classic French dishes served with a slight twist. Among the treats that are just waiting to be sampled here are onion soup tartare and meunière.

The recently redesigned Thoumieux is situated at 79 rue Saint Dominique and has recently become one of Paris’ most celebrated restaurants. The décor here is modeled after Las Vegas club of the Rat Pack, which lends dining here a lighthearted feel.